Game Jam Submissions – Unity

The Case of the Deviant Detective

This part-puzzle game, part-text based adventure is a submission to the 2020.2 Brackey’s Game Jam on, and showed off the theme of Rewind. Playable on Windows, Mac, and in the browser, this game is a fun adventure surrounding Charlie, our detective of the noir era police station.

As board member for Mythos Interactive, I have found this to be quite an interesting project for our company to work on. Feel free to play it, and post a comment reviewing it.

Selection of Code Projects – P5.js

Circular Translator

To the right is a translator I created for one of the games of Dungeons and Dragons that I run. This frame takes the input of English letters, and converts that into a circular based script. Feel free to test it using the input box above the image to change what word is displayed.

While this is not a complex or intricate example, it is elegant in its simplicity. This project was one I did for fun, and demonstrates my ability to use JavaScript frameworks to solve problems in my own everyday life.

I would be happy to explain how I did this project, as well as sharing the code, if that would demonstrate my skills further. Please ask me questions!

Cardioid Color Wheel

This cardioid can change its shape, depending on the factor of multiplication used in its generation. There is also a color offset feature. Two sliders below the image control the color offset (right) and multiplication factor (left). What cool shapes can you create with different factors?

The inspiration for this project comes from a video by Mathologer on YouTube. I highly recommend checking it out, as it is both entertaining and informative. Additionally, this project followed closely a coding challenge by the coding train, also on YouTube. Both are excellent videos, and I highly recommend watching at least one of them.

Eyes of Color, Art Piece

There are three factors that control the image in motion you see here. One slider controls the speed of the color movement, one controls the iris dilation, and one controls the eyelid shape. This image is meant to be dazzling, and as a piece of art, I find it to be so.

This piece was entirely made for fun, and almost entirely by accident. The idea for this piece began during a lesson to several 4th grade students on the concepts of procedurally generated art and coordinate plane geometry. The name is tentative, as no formal name has yet been decided for the piece.

Sine Function Clock

Though you may have thus far noticed a theme – circle based art – here we deviate from that pattern. This is a form of clock that displays time in a rather unique way. As time moves on throughout the day, the image of a sine function is formed across the screen.

Check back in later to watch the progress as the day continues! The code for this project is listed below, as it is quite elegant.

function setup() {
  createCanvas(400, 360);

function draw() {

  for (let i = 0; i < map(hour()+minute()/59, 0, 23, 0, width); i += 1) {
      sin(i) * 100 + height / 2, 
      map(minute(), 0, 59, 0, width), 
      map(second(), 0, 59, 0, height)
    stroke(map(i, 0, width, 0, 330), 255, 100)